Top summer wedding ideas

Top Summer Wedding Ideas – Summers in India are extremely hot. This is the reason you’ll see Indian marriages being held more in winters as compared to the summers. However, there are both pros and cons of getting married in summers. Therefore, Attractive Celebration will let you know the Top Summer Wedding Ideas that will make your function ebullient.

The season of sweat and heat poses a great challenge to the fun and joy of a wedding. The blazing heat from the sun troubles everyone attending the wedding ceremony. On the other hand, summer is a season of holidays and allows girls to dress up in the desired attire. Moreover, it is a season with clear weather. In this blog, we are listing the best summer wedding ideas to make the event exciting and a remember able one.

Trendy Ideas to Make Your Wedding in Summers Happening

For a wedding in summers, one must choose a cool venue. Not doing so, doesn’t let anyone make the most out of the function. Be it the cool refreshing drinks or the mouth-watering ice creams, these ideas will make your wedding joyous. Have a look at these Top Wedding Ideas for Summers 2020 below:

Switch to Thrilling Beverage Drinks

In place of serving hot tea or coffee, you can switch to an ice tea or a mint tea. Serving cold coffee is also a very healthy choice. Similarly, instead of packaged soft drinks, you can make use of natural homemade drinks. Doing so, helps you and your guests keep the effects of summer heat away! You can have traditional Indian summer drinks like lemonade, sweet lassi, etc.

Make A Stylish Use of The Summer Essentials

You can make use of a trending stylish umbrella and sunglasses. Not only will it give you a cool look but it also keeps you safe from the sun’s harmful rays. You can make these accessories available for all the guests present at the function. This will also allow your photographers to capture some amazing photographs of you and your beloved ones.

A Party Beside the Pool

It is a really exciting summer wedding idea. Having your wedding rituals such as Mehndi, Haldi, etc. by the poolside is a decision you’ll never regret. Besides a cooler surrounding, you and your guests get to enjoy a lot. It adds a lot of happiness and cheers to your event. Thus, a party by the poolside is a perfect option for all!

A Well-Decorated Summer Wedding Venue

Marrying your love at a venue decorated beautifully with flowers, lights, etc. is always a great feeling. However, in summers, you can make use of the big shady umbrellas for the same purpose. Or, you can book a venue with big green trees whose cool shade will allow you to carry the function flawlessly. Also, if you are getting married indoors, remember to get the venue decorated perfectly.

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