You might be questioning yourself after reading this title as for why go for a wedding planner and not on normal event organizer in this case. The simple answer to the question is because a wedding planner would have plenty of experience when it comes to turning a small party into a lavish theme based party. Basically, wedding planners get paid only for turning normal events into the most extravagantly luxurious ones most of which are based on different themes. So, yes having a wedding planner on your side can be the best thing you can do in this respect.

Usually, grand theme parties are organized to celebrate something very important like Halloween or High School dance or a birthday party or a destination wedding. All of these need very careful planning and a lot of resources at optimal prices. Wedding planners do have an upper hand here because they have been procuring best of materials for glamorous parties at the best prices without compromising on quality. They are also well aware of the best locations or venues that can be hired according to the occasion. For example, if you are planning to have a destination wedding your wedding or event planner would always know the best locations that can be availed in minimum time and the ones that need to be removed from the list. These professionals have enough experience in dealing with challenges related to various climates and locations, so you can rely on them for best guidance in this case.

Then there are several other things that come into pictures like invitations, catering, decoration and attires. Even if you are an enthusiast who loves to organize everything on their own you might not know who can provide the best food and Decor according to the theme you have in mind. An experienced wedding planner can be quite handy in that case. Also if you are planning a rooftop party or a party on a cruise you may want to get yourself acquainted with rules and regulations related to those places. If you break any of them unknowingly your party expenses might increase by a few thousand Dollars because of fine. Nobody wants to get into a mess like that, professional help might be your best assault to keep such situations at bay.

Entertainment is another big thing that you need to keep in mind while organizing theme based parties. While it is easy to devise games and activities in a normal party the scenario might not be the same for a theme party. A professional planner would always know what to do under such conditions and will provide you with the best options for making your party a huge hit. There are a number of themes like horror or animal themes that might prove challenging in several aspects. A wedding planner will have enough skills to deal with such situations and come up with the aptest solutions. In crux, it might not be such a bad idea to hire a wedding planner for your grand theme based party.