Marriage is one of the biggest events in everyone’s life as they chose to live their rest of the life with their partner. Especially Indian weddings are a lot colorful and it is done as a celebration. With the help of technology, the distance between individuals has been drastically reduced as they have an option to see their loved ones in real time with various video calling services etc.

As marriage is considered to be one of your biggest event or celebration in one’s life, then why not plan for something unique and exciting so that it can be a remarkable experience for yourself.

In this article, we will focus on completely out of the box ideas for both bride and groom entries for their wedding day.

Flash mob with a twist:

 The idea of a flash mob is pretty common but when it is added with a twist it becomes unique and entertaining for the couple and also for the friends and family. The idea is to have two groups one for the bride and one for the groom. The couple can talk about their love relationship with these groups in detail so that they can portray the same in the form of dance with relative background music.

The bride and the groom can definitely lead the flash mob groups and be the lead actors. It will be emotional and your friends and family will also get a chance to know how the bride and groom met.

VVIP entry:

This type of entry will definitely be a spectacular view for all of the attendees and more importantly, this will be a remarkable experience for you, it is one of the filmy style experiences. If it is an outdoor venue then a plan a grand entry in a helicopter, if you like cars then hire an expensive car for the day and enjoy the luxury.

If you truly believe in Bollywood style then a horse chariot will definitely add a kick to your entrance. A supporting background music, while you are entering the podium, will definitely elevate the experience.

Light Projections:

 With the help of technology now you will be able to provide a completely different experience for your guests. Using high tech laser lights, 3d impressions on the wall, it will add a glow to your entire ambiance. It can be a themed wedding where you can design accordingly.

A royal entrance like a King or a Queen:

This is definitely going to be a royal entry for sure. For this, you can hire an elephant and do all the decorations for your ride and show your swag by giving yourself a grand entry.

Fairy tale Bride entry:

This is like a dream come true if you ever believed in little Fairies and the angels. For this, you might need a special dress stitched only for your wedding where you incorporate blue LED lights all over the dress which is powered by a battery source. This is completely safe and don’t have to worry about the setup. The actual magic will be revealed when you are walking towards the podium and all the lights are switched off and you turn on your little fairy lights. This look will be magical and it will stun the entire crowd. This will work only when you have weddings planned at night time or the venue is closed.

We hope these ideas have excited you and helped you plan your big day in an organized manner. Stay tuned to know more about unique ideas which will elevate your wedding experience to the next level.